Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Benefits Of Cat Grooming

As a cat owner you'll already know that cats are very clean animals, they spend their days sleeping, grooming and eating in that order.

Your cat is not going to die from lack of human grooming but they do benefit from being groomed and you benefit from this activity too. Grooming your cat should provide you with plenty of quality time with your cat. If they are anything like mine they'll loved being showered with affection, but of course only when they're in the mood for it. One of the most immediate benefits is that it helps minimise the amounts of fur balls your cat has to deal with. If you've been near your cat when they've tried to cough up a fur ball you can see how distressing it is for them. You can help to remove that excess fur by brushing your cat. By grooming your cat regularly you'll promote healthier skin, shiny coat and we can help them clean those hard to reach places. How you groom your cat will depend upon how long the fur is.
  • Short-haired cats will need to be brushed with a rubber brush, bristle brush or a grooming glove. With one of these gloves you will want to use short, gentle strokes.
  • Brush your long-haired cat using a bristle, pin or rubber brush . Using this brush, make long strokes with vertical, lifting motions. Any really bad mats will need to be trimmed and then groomed with a comb.
  • Regardless of which type of hair your cat has, make sure to brush them gently, removing any hair as you go along.
There are also benefits for your home. A couple of minutes grooming your cat could reduce the time it takes you to vacuum their hair from the sofa and you wouldn't have to pick up the little piles of fur from the corners of your home.
Health benefits for you. Research has shown that stroking animals is good for your blood pressure so a relaxed methodical method of grooming will have the same health benefits for you.


  1. Proper cat grooming practices are not only important in maintaining smooth and silky coat for your pet. Actually, cats that are left alone with tangled and matted fur are left with higher risks of developing diseases and infection.

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  2. Very true! - Thanks for the timely reminder that grooming your cat has health benefits for you cat too!