Sunday, 27 February 2011

Your Cats

Paws for Japan

This page is for YOUR cats.

If you have photos, stories (funny, strange or sad) that you would like to include as part of this web site then please feel free to contact us.

To start us off here are three cats who are an essential part of our everyday life.

Purrdey is 9 years old.
She was a stray and very thin when she first decided to adopt us.
Definitely the Queen of the castle – she rules here!

Her first shelter from the cold and weather before she moved in was a box and strangely enough she still loves to hide inside any box that is available!

Frostie is almost 6 years old. She was found freezing in a greenhouse when she was less than a year old. She had been abandoned when she was little more than a baby and had been fending for herself for months.
She was wearing a flea collar, presumably put onto her by her previous owner, the collar was so tight that it was cutting into her skin.

She had so many allergies that she was in a dreadful state and as often happens when cats find a new home she became very ill. Fortunately after months of care, she recovered and is now a healthy and happy cat

Prince is two years old and was thrown out by his owners when they decided that they wanted a dog instead of a cat.

He was allowed to run wild and it has taken time and patience to discover the lovely cat hiding inside.

You can read more about Prince aka The Furrmeister on my
Furrmeister story and charity page.

Your Daily Cute

And finally – in loving memory of Gus who graced our lives
For many years and who we still miss

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