Thursday, 14 February 2013

Diabetes In Cats

Life with pets can be very sweet, but a diagnosis of diabetes can be anything but for four-legged friends.

 Unfortunately, diabetes in furry friends is on the rise.
“Diabetes is the result of an insulin deficiency that leads to high blood sugar, and it affects pets in much the same way it affects as people,” says Dr. Jules Benson, Vice President of Veterinary Services at Petplan. “In fact, some of the contributing factors are the same –overweight pets are much more likely to develop diabetes than pets who are maintained at a healthy weight.” The good news is pet parents can help lower the risks by keeping their pets at a healthy weight. “Feed your pet the appropriate portions of a complete and balanced diet, and make sure they get plenty of exercise,” says Benson.
While diabetes is usually incurable, a diagnosis does not equal a death sentence. Many diabetic pets live happy, full lives, particularly when the condition is spotted early and a maintenance plan is established quickly. Tips to help you recognize early signs of diabetes:
  • Unquenchable Thirst: If you notice your pet spending more time in front of the water bowl or seeking water from unusual sources like the toilet or tap (cats in particular), it may be time to get them checked.
  • When You’ve Got to Go: As a result of the increased hydration, pets may more frequently need to go outside or to the litter box – and some may have “accidents” around the house. The urine tends to be diluted, meaning it will appear relatively clear, without a strong odour.
  • Endless Appetite: Your pet’s body is telling him that it’s not getting enough food; this can result in what seems to be an unreasonably large appetite, despite sometimes losing weight.
If you notice these signs or any other unusual behaviour in your pet, consult your veterinarian.

Diabetic Diet for Cats
For a diabetic cat, a high-protein, low-carbohydrate, all-wet food diet can make the difference between going into remission or being on insulin for life. Not all wet foods are created equal though. Taking the time to evaluate the ingredients in cat food is especially important when you're creating the best diet for a diabetic cat.

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