Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Singapura - Smallest Cat Breed

There are many small-sized cat breeds in the world, but the Singapura is considered the smallest among them.

Read on for more information about the smallest cat breed.


There are many different cat breeds that differ in size, features, behaviour and a host of various other aspects. While, some people opt for large and medium-sized cats, small cat breeds are also equally in demand. Even small cat breeds are numerous and include some of the popular ones across the globe. Some of the smallest domestic cats are Russian blue, Cornish Rex, Modern Siamese, Nebelung, Devon Rex and Singapura. These cat breeds vary slightly in body weight, but all are small-sized ones.

Which is the Smallest Cat Breed?
Even though, there are various small cat breeds, the Singapura is considered the smallest among them. This cat breed is listed as the world's smallest domesticated cat breed in the Guinness Book of World Records. These cats are believed to originate in the streets of Singapore and are also known as drain cats. It is said that this smallest cat breed was found in the drains and streets of Singapore in the latter part of the twentieth century. In 1975, three of these cats were brought to the United States, by Tommy and Hal Meadow. It was Tommy (an Abyssinian and Burmese breeder), who started breeding these local cats from Singapore. This breeding program was successful in discarding the undesired traits and retaining a consistency in the coat colour, pattern and disposition of these cats. This cat breed was named Singapura and was widely promoted. Now, this cat is popular across the globe and is recognized by almost all registration authorities.

More About Singapura Cats
Now, you know that Singapura cats are the world’s smallest cat breed and are very popular as pets, due to their gentle and affectionate nature. The Singapura females weigh between five to six pounds and the body weight of males range between six to eight pounds. The females may have a low body weight of four pounds too. They are very slow-growing cats and take around sixteen months to two years to grow full size. The characteristic features of this small cat are their large eyes and ears and the silky, short-haired and ticked sepia coat. The coat colour could be brownish or beige. The eye colour of this cat breed can be green, hazel or yellow. They have short, muscular legs and a stocky body. They have a regular tail with normal length. Singapura cats have a playful and lively nature and they love to live in human company.

In short, Singapura cats are perfect as pets and the only grooming they need is an occasional combing of the short-haired sepia coat. This smallest cat breed is hugely popular for their affectionate nature, short stature and other features.

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