Friday, 26 April 2013

Cat Breeds for People with Allergies

Unlike certain breeds of dogs, there are no hypoallergenic cats for those that have bad allergies.

In this video, learn some tips and tricks on how to live with cats.

There Are No Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds
Unfortunately there are no good breeds for people with allergies. There's one company that makes genetically engineered cats that are supposed to be allergen free. These are very expensive cats. They have genetically knocked out one gene in those cats for the one major allergen and there are at least four of them, so they don't knock them all out.

Allergens Exist in Cat Saliva and Glands
The main cat allergen, which is called Fel D1 is not in the hair or the skin, it's in the saliva and in the hair oil glands and those types of things. So even hairless cats like the sphinx have that, probably the same amount of allergen. And if you're truly allergic to that allergen, and many people are, then it doesn't take much of that allergen to breach that threshold.

How to Live with Cats
Perhaps the best thing you can do would be to bathe them more regularly. Some cats tolerate baths very well; some cats don't tolerate baths very well. Bathing them, just actually rinsing them in water is reasonably helpful whether you use shampoos or not.

Brush Your Cat Often
Brush your cat using the right kind of combs for instance, those kinds of combs that strip out the undercoats because you take out some of the dead hair. That can also help the cats in their normal grooming process and so you'll get a lot of the allergen off that way.

Vacuum and Clean Your House
Cleaning your house more regularly and changing the mattress pads and covers and getting the impervious mattress covers that are advertised for house dust mites, those types of things can potentially help some. HEPA filtration can also potentially help.

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